We organize a contest and open day and accuracy landing competition on Fedémes park with the ASE-DELTA, ParaMania Paragliding club, Szoboszlói Darazsak. We welcome all visitors who want to test yourself is to use post. This competition is not necessarily just arrange for experienced pilots, but also for advanced users, or pilot who have not competed in this issue. The following categories can be called: -male / female, -tandem, -team.
Team competitionl be a minimum of 4 persons team. (best 3 results)

Category: FAI-2

Schedule of Events taking place in the FAI rules. Everyone can participate in it with a valid registration of a federation, and the glider is providing engineering and functionality.
The entry fee :3000-ft or 10euro which includes a lunch packett, the balance of dinner.

Find accommodation in http://paramania.5mp.eu/ site.

Plan 6 series we want to take place, but when the time and opportunity is given, it may be more than one. The registration fee does not include the transfer to take of

Everyone resolve or walk,:-) or local customary transfer cars individually.

Video from last year competition: